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A gyrocar is a two-wheeled automobile.

The difference between a bicycle or motorcycle and a gyrocar is that in a bike, dynamic balance is provided by the rider, and in some cases by the geometry and mass distribution of the bike itself, and the gyroscopic effects from the wheels. Steering a motorcycle is done by precessing the front wheel; gyroscopic effects play a major role in the stability of all two wheeled vehicles. In a gyrocar, balance was provided by one or more gyroscopes, and in one example, connected to two pendulums by a rack and pinion.

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  1. 15° Steigungswinkel und 0° Wendekreis (Rot)

    Trotti Hoverboard (Schwarz)

    Net Weight: 27.5 lbs. (Approx. 10 kg)
    Max Load: 265 lbs. (Approx. 120 kg)
    Maximum speed: 12 MPH
    Range: 8-12 Miles
    Turning Radius: 0º
    Battery: Lithium-ion 36v 4.4AH
    Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
    Dimensions: 23” x 7.3” x 7”
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  2. Hoverkart


    - stabiles Aluminiumrohrgestell in schwarzer Lackierung
    - in der Länge verstellbarrer Fussbereich
    - Schnellspannersystem zur schnellen Einstellung
    - Lederpolster
    - Farbe: schwarz / rot
    - kugelgelagerte Vollgummirolle im Frontbereich
    - einfache Montage binnen weniger Minuten
    - inkl. Aufbauanleitung
    - bis zu 150 Kg Traglast
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